Managing the stocks and the inventories using traditional accounting software is not only time consuming, but it also leads to a lot of hassles. While the possibilities of human errors always remain higher, it also becomes very complicated to keep a track of all the minute details. This is why businesses prefer to invest in enterprise resource planning software or ERP software. These are advanced software that acts as a backbone for an entire business. Software like this helps integrate all the key management and business processes to provide an overview of all the operations that are going on within the organization. An ERP software helps keep a track of the human resources data, the company financials, and the manufacturing information.

Moreover, in recent times, businesses aim to find smarter ways for capitalizing internal intelligence. They understand that speed is prominent in markets that have instant life cycles of products and minimal time-to-market schedules. It is an undeniable fact that on-premise systems are of great help in achieving such needs, but cloud-based solutions are easier to customize, can be quickly implemented, and show possibilities to improve the adoption rates among resellers.

What are the benefits of ERP software?

  • Improved customer experience:

    we understand that keeping the customers happy and satisfied is the ultimate goal of any and every business owner, and this is why we design the software accordingly. With the help of a smartly designed enterprise resource planning software, we enable our clients to provide all their customers with the relevant services. This ensures an improved user experience.

  • Easy access to information:

    ERP software can generate data automatically and ensures easy access to information. For instance, the software figures out information like the details of a particular order, the payment history of a specific customer or the sales margin of a single product. By inserting the accurate information into the software.

  • Cost reduction:

    If reporting and accounting are important processes of your business, implementing ERP software might help reduce the cost to a great extent. If you have to put a lot of manual effort to manage these processes, using our ERP software will help you a lot.

  • Improved integration

    This is probably the most significant benefits of using an ERP software from Ricoh. Our advanced ERP software helps reduce redundant data entry. Businesses for whom integrating the different processes is essential

  • Better efficiency:

    ERP software focuses on the scopes of integration, instead of concentrating on the daily requirement of the client. With our advanced ERP software, you can manage all the business processes better. In this way, we help improve the efficiency of the entire operational force.

  • Usage of different software:

    There must be different departments within your organization handling different tasks. While the accounting team tracks the sales order with a particular software, the sales team follows some other methods to take and deliver the orders. When the different departments of your business keep using different software.

Frequently Asked Questions


we understand that businesses consider employees and other human resources as valuable assets. Managing all the information, associated with these resources is a huge task, and this is where using Ricoh’s ERP software proves to be the best solution. We design the software in a way so that it helps standardize the HR data.


This is one of the key features of ERP software. With the help of this feature, our clients can integrate all the data and systems to make all the business operations way more manageable. Unlike traditional software, our advanced ERP software makes use of a single integrated database and system to maintain all the management information for the organization.


One of the must have features of an ERP software is that it should be able to integrate the accounting and financial systems and provide organization-wide views into the business that might not be possible otherwise. Ricoh’s ERP software helps keep a track of the minute details to analyse the financial data for products, markets, customers and services.
Using our software helps you manage all the accounting and financial information efficiently. This, in turn, not only helps you put all the standardized long range planning in place, but also helps you make that planning a significant part of the core business.

Benefits of ERP on Cloud?

  • Reduced initial investments over pricy ERP systems.
  • Foreseeable costs allow you to evaluate your cash flow.
  • Lesser resource strain on your internal IT teams.
  • Better control over changes in systems, users as well as updates.
  • Immediate implementation helps bring the system online rapidly.